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Debt Free Diary entries read like the story of a young girl searching for answers. Which is what the Debt Free Diary is all about, as a matter of fact - young Ashlee's search for the truth, and how debt relief can help her family.

Debt Free Diary - A Little World Of Flowers, Romance And ... Debt Consolidation

Dear Debt Free Diary,

Daddy looked sad when he came home from work today. Mommy and him when into the living room as I was watching Lizzie McGuire and they were talking about a pink slip. I think Daddy got Mommy a pink slip for her birthday and they are gonna go all the way now! Ewwww! I saw Britney and Jake Salinger holding hands last week. That's first base! One time, Daddy was holding Mommy's hands and then she saw a dress in a window and she got all happy, but Daddy got all sad when he looked at the tag thingy on it and said that they couldn't buy it. Then, Mommy got sad.

I don't want anyone to be sad, Debt Free Diary!

I want everyone and everything 2 be lollipops and sunshine.

But anyway Jimmy touched my leg today! He dropped his pencil in math class and it rolled under my chair and when he picked it up, his hand brushed against my calf. Those fingers smell like peach yogurt. I wish I could lick them like breakfast, LOL. And then, Jimmy raised his hand to answer a question and I could see the sweat stains on his armpit. They looked like a cloud. I love him. I wanna have like a thousands of his babies. And he'll make lots of money and I'll buy lots of clothes and we'll never need debt consolidation because we'll live on top of a big hill and eat cupcakes for dinner. *sigh*

Will we ever be debt free?

My teacher said that some people can't afford to buy things like icing and scrunchees because they need debt solutions or they will end up on the street. I think it would be fun to live on the street. You could splash in puddles and play with puppies and chase little mice on the sidewalk. But the teacher said people are blue when they live outside. I don't like blue. Blue is for boys. I'm a girl. I like pink things, like bows and cotton candy and elephants. At least that's what my older cousin said. Her daddy knows all about debt management but isn't talking to my dad. Go figure.

After Daddy talked about the pink slip that he got, he said that they needed to think of a plan for debt reduction. Fast. Mommy started to cry. She said we may have to sell some organs. But I love my organ! It makes sounds like birdies singing when I press the keys. I hope we don't sell my organ. Daddy said he'd surf the Internets to find other options, but Tommy Henderson has a friend who died when he went surfing and I don't want Daddy to die. I don't want Jimmy to die, either. I think Jimmy is GR8. Maybe I can ask Jimmy how to make my Daddy and Mommy happy again.

Then maybe I can get to first base with Jimmy. Hehe.

I heard Daddy say we needed to go through a debt elimination program. Not entirely sure what that kind of program is, or what I have to do with it. Poor Dad. I think this program has something to do with debt negotiation but I am not positive. I've never seen that program, that much I know. I wonder if Ashton Kutcher is in that one. I hope so. Man he is so HOT. I just love him. When Daddy lets me get my first credit card I am so totally gonna by the first season of Punk'd on DVD.

Sorry to ramble, Diary. All I am trying to say is that I hope that we may find a debt free solution that doesn't involve selling my organ, or any of my friends at school dying while surfing. That would make me so sad! Hopefully, when we do find answers, they will come from a free debt consolidation, too - so we don't spend any more money. We haven't been to the mall in weeks! *Sigh* Just cross your fingers for us, Diary. Times are tough. I just want us to all be okay. I want debt help. And for Jimmy to like me back! :) :)

Love always, your best friend always and 4 life...

... Ashlee

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